Upcoming Events

Foundations for Leadership with Peter Senge and Robert Hanig

Ashland. MA, United States
Tue, Sep 29 2015 to Thu, Oct 1 2015

Systems Thinking Level 1: Developing Critical Thinking Skills

San Diego. CA, United States
Tue, Aug 25 2015 to Fri, Aug 28 2015

Developing "Thinking Managers" To Bridge The Engagement Gap

various Locations - See Description. MA, United States
Wed, Aug 19 2015

Our Mission

Many of today’s complex problems cannot be solved with standard problem solving approaches. We need better tools for understanding these complexities, better ways to expand and assess the options, and better ways to involve the many stakeholders necessary to enact change. The time is now for better approaches to be brought to the forefront.

We established this company to create effective change by spreading the use of Organizational Learning, System Dynamics, Systems Thinking and related fields by providing relevant, accessible resources and support.

Together, with our partners and members, we have the  leverage to tackle the difficult challenges organizations and societies face.

Who We Are

Rebecca Niles

Big Thinker

Rebecca brings technology savvy and 15+ years of entrepreneurial and  consulting expertise to Leverage Networks. She applies the tools of systems thinking across a range of areas, including healthcare, education, sustainability business strategy, and operations management. Rebecca leads the company’s partnership program, identifying organizations to work with on content creation, knowledge sharing and support services.

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Kris Wile

Systems Evangelist

Kris brings 15+ years of management consulting experience to the Leverage Networks team and remains a partner in the Systems Thinking Collaborative, which she founded. Her years of experience and inquisitive mind create dynamic connections between the technical and non-technical areas of the world of systems. Kris focuses on identifying and growing the market for systems thinking of any kind, as well as all content development for the company.

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Where We Are

Leverage Networks is a virtual company. To keep costs down and to focus on bringing the latest in interactive technologies and groundbreaking knowledge, we traded a commute and office space for a virtual workplace.

Contact Us: Leverage Networks, Inc. PO BOX 2786, Acton, MA 01720